Miles Teller Q&A: The actor on Tom Cruise and keeping his own game sharp

Miles Teller's lowest handicap index is 8.6.

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The talented actor copilots with Tom Cruise in the new Top Gun: Maverick, but on the course, he tries to avoid bogeys, not shoot ’em down.

GOLF: How did you get started in the game?

Miles Teller: When I was young, my family moved from Jersey to Florida, and we lived in a development called Citrus Hills. It was mostly senior citizens. Ted Williams retired there. There were three courses in the neighborhood, and I’d hit balls with a buddy when we weren’t supposed to.

Do you bring your clubs on movie locations?

Yeah, wherever I’m filming I can find a place to play and a few people in the cast or crew who are about the same handicap.

What’s the lowest your handicap has ever been?

Like, an 8.6. It’s definitely not that right now. I just try to get my game good in time for Tahoe, for the American Century Championship. In my head, I’m always like, “I’m going to get my short game dialed in and…”

…Kick Tony Romo’s butt.

Exactly! I’m going to kick Tony’s a–!

Which of your movie titles best describes your swing: That Awkward Moment, Whiplash or The Spectacular Now?

I’d say Whiplash, because I’m not swinging soft. I grip the club pretty tight and swing pretty hard.

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Right now, on eBay, there’s a signed scorecard of yours from the Edgewood Tahoe resort. Guess how much it’s going for.

Two bucks.

You’re being too modest, but not by much. $29.99. Regale me with the story of your greatest golf shot.

Two come to mind. I was playing a practice round with Mardy Fish in Tahoe, and I holed out from 165–170. And there was another at Oakmont [in Calif.]. Piers Morgan saw me put one in the hole from 120. He probably thinks I’m better than I am. There’s also been long putts that meant a lot in betting games.

What’s a typical wager?

Depends who you’re playing with.

Okay, how about with your pal Aaron Rodgers?

Aaron doesn’t go too high. But ex-athletes do seem to like a lot of action.

Who’s in your celebrity foursome?

All athletes: Jake Arrieta, Chandler Parsons and Aaron Rodgers.

I have to ask about Tom Cruise. What was your biggest takeaway from working with him on the new Top Gun film?

He exceeded my expectations. The biggest thing was his work ethic. He knows how to do everybody’s job on a set.

Probably because he’s not spending all his time playing golf.

Are you kidding? That guy belongs to a ton of clubs!


Chris Nashawaty has written for Vanity Fair, Esquire and Sports Illustrated, and is the author of Caddyshack: The Making of a Hollywood Cinderella Story.

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